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Engineering Grads Jobless Over 2 Lakh
Source : 7 Day News Journal

“There is always most Governmental Technical University Graduates Jobless 2 to 3 Lakh,” said U Win Khaing, Chairman of Myanmar Engineering Society.
        It was included in the special meeting for Myanmar Engineer Council Law Draft Drawing held in MES Hall Hlaing University Campus on 20th June.
        “Youth got Degree but no job affected much to nation,” the Chair said.
        “In present, there are 35 Governmental Technical Colleges and it is needed to solve as soon as possible the jobless problem for new Engineering Grads,” he said.
        Annual Graduate numbers fruit from GTU and GTCs and Government recruitable rate and Work abroad rate were calculated that result 2 to 3 Lakh Jobless Engineering Grads in Myanmar,” said a responsible person from MES.
        “Myanmar Engineer Council Law Drawing is being carried out for Proposal to Hluttaw in present;
AIts aim is for Protection and Job recruitment of Jobless Engineer New Generations,” said the Law-drawers.
        From 35 GTC and GTUs total of the Ministry of Education annually admission granted students over 30,000.
        “Compare to other ASEAN nations, Job and Opportunites may have in equity, and also same level salary with who work abroad was drawn,” said a responsible person from MES.
        In Myanmar, Engineering subject taught RIT Rangoon Institute of Technology has already been changed into GTU Governmental Technical University since 1988; in present only total marks 360 at Matriculation Grads could only have the chance to have admission to GTU.
        Some money affordable Graduates went abroad for Jobs attended post grad Couses and continued there working abroad, said present GTU Students.
        “Most Graduates went abroad after finish Graduation. Job got here in Myanmar not easy to get a good salary,” commented GTU Student Su Yee Lel Hnin about Job Search.

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